Anthem Essay

Topics: Thought, Mind, Human Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: December 15, 2013
Lauren Thomas
Anthem Essay
By the end of the novel, Equality finally understands why he never felt any guilt for his sins and transgressions. He comes to this realization, because he understands that his sins were thinking freely and choosing how he wants to live instead of being told how to live by the Council. Because society wants to stop free thinking and make everyone the same and equal in every way, they don’t like people like Equality who strive to be better.  Equality was always different then the other people, he was smarter and taller and he worked harder because that’s just the way he was. Growing up he was told that it was bad to be different and that because he was taller than the other kids he had evil in his bones and he should feel bad about it. As he got older he had more thoughts that he should feel bad about but didn’t. If everyone thinks the same then nothing ever happens, society stays the same, nothing new is invented, and people keep on living in the dark not knowing. Equality realizes that his transgressions were never anything evil; his transgressions were thinking freely, doing what he wants and not letting someone control every part of his life. The things he did weren’t evil, but he was always taught that doing anything without your brothers, or just thinking or being different than them is evil.  The great rebirth mentioned in the book was probably caused by a war that destroyed the world as people knew it. To prevent another one of these wars people rebuilt society to where there would be no reason for a war. The only way to prevent war is for everyone to think the same and have nothing to argue about because disagreements often lead to fighting and fighting often escalates into full out war. The problem with trying to get everyone to think the same is that everyone is born different and everyone thinks differently, people can be told to be the same and they can be told that they are happy doing it but deep down...
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