Anthem - Comparison Essay

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Athena Fulk
Senior English
September 16, 2014
Comparison Essay

Anthem is a story about a 21-year old boy named Equality 7-2521 and a 17-year old girl named Liberty 5-3000 who are both different from the others in their secluded society which lacks individualism and self-interest. The movie, Divergent, also follows a similar story line. Divergent is a story about an 18 year-old boy named Tobias Eaton and a 16-year old girl named Beatrice Prior who are both different from the others in their society which lacks individualism and self-interest. Anthem and Divergent are similar in that the main characters have one set lifestyle, they change their name, and they develop similar relationships between each other.

Each society has a set requirement for the developmental stages of children. In Anthem, the children live in the Home of Infants until they reach the age of five, then they move on to the Home of the Students, where they then stay until they reach their fifteenth year. After this, the children go on to be assigned their career by the Council of Vocations and they begin working. Each child is assigned a career and they cannot be changed. They will work their assigned career and have no interest in others. Similar to Anthem, Divergent has set requirements for the developmental stages of children. The children will live with their parents in the faction which they are born in until they reach the age of sixteen. Each year, all 16-year olds are required to take an aptitude test to give them an idea of which faction would suit them best. (Factions are similar to jobs in the Anthem society.) After receiving their results, the children will then decide whether they want to stay with their family’s faction, or transfer to a new faction. Once they have chosen a faction, they cannot change their faction. They will go on to live with the faction of their choice and pursue the following lifestyle, while having no interest in any other faction.

The male lead in Anthem is Equality 7-2521. Equality is a 21-year old man who stands 6 ft. tall, taller than the average man in his society. The female lead is 17-year old Liberty 5-3000. Liberty is tall with blonde hair and dark eyes. During the story, both Equality and Liberty change their name. Equality begins to go by the Unconquered, which then changes to Prometheous. Liberty begins to go by the Golden One, which then changes to Gaea. These two give each other different names, which is by far against the rules of their society. They live in a society where everyone is expected to be the same, and share similar interests in everything. Nobody should thrive to be different, which is where the problem begins. Equality and Liberty have this personal mindset, believing they are different, and they wish to be different. They are “better than the others” because they have the mind set to believe in the sacred word. They believe in self-interest. Equality and Liberty want to be their own person and have personal experiences. In that sense, Equality and Liberty change their name, expressing their hope to be different than the others in their society. Likewise, the male and female lead of Divergent share similar characteristics to those in Anthem. The male lead in Divergent is a tall, 18-year old man named Tobias Eaton. The female lead is 16-year old Beatrice Prior. Just like Liberty, Beatrice is tall with blonde hair and dark eyes. Both Tobias and Beatrice are different than the other members of their society. In Divergent, each person is expected to choose one of the five factions, or lifestyles. In some cases, though, a faction may not be chosen. There is a possibility of not fitting into any faction, or fitting into all factions. However, if you fit into all factions, you are considered divergent, which makes you a threat to the society. Both Tobias and Beatrice choose the faction, Dauntless, a group of fearless people who are willing to take risks. When you enter the Dauntless...
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