Anthem by Ayn Rand: Parenthetical Referencing and New Energy Equality

Topics: Parenthetical referencing, Citation, Human Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: September 9, 2013
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Title: Anthem

Author: Ayn Rand

Genre: realistic-fiction

Setting: (time) (place) A city after the “rebirth” of human kind in the distant future.

Tone: (3 tone words) depressing, miserable, serious

Major characters: (at least 3) (3 personality traits per character) (1 MLA parenthetical citation per character) Equality 7-2521 is curious, adventurous, and independent (Rand 31). Liberty 5-3000 is loving, trustworthy, and fearless (89).

International 4-8818 is friendly, timid, and honest (31).

Motif/Symbol: (at least 1) (2 or more MLA parenthetical citations) Fear is a reoccurring motif found throughout anthem (39) (31).

Memorable quotations: (at least 3) (MLA parenthetical citations) “And here, over the portals of my fort, I shall cut in the stone the word which is to be my beacon and my banner. The word which will not die, should we all perish in battle. The word which can never die on this earth, for it is the heart of it and the meaning and the glory. The sacred word: EGO” (105). “Today, the Golden One stopped suddenly and said: ‘We love you’ But then they frowned and shook their hear and looked at us helplessly. ‘No’ they whispered ‘that is not what we wished to say’ They were silent, then they spoke slowly, and their words were halting, like the words of a child learning to speak for the first time” (86). “I AM. I THINK. I WILL. My hands …My spirit…My sky…My forest… This earth of mine… What must I say besides? These are the words. This is the answer” (94).

Theme: (in a complete sentence) (2 or more MLA parenthetical citations) Everybody, everywhere in this world has a voice as well as a right to be whomever that voice decides to be, all that matters is finding that one in a million voice of yours (94) (99)....
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