Anthem by Ayn Rand

Topics: Ayn Rand, Collectivism, Individual rights Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Anthem by Ayn Rand
Pages:157 RL 7.3
Genre: Fiction


Time : The setting is sometime in the future that is unnamed, but there are sky scrapers, so I know that it is at least up to this decade.

Place: Ayn Rand never specifies the setting, so the story can be universal. By not naming the city or the time, she leaves open the questions of where, how and when the collapse she foresees will happen.

Main Characters:
Equality 7-2521: Equality isn’t given much description because it is forbidden to look in a mirror. The only description is that he is six feet tall and a 21 year old male. Liberty renames him Unconquered, but towards the end of the story he names himself Prometheus.

Liberty 5-300: Liberty is described as being brave and singleminded. Her eyes are dark and project a hard, glowing, and fearless quality. She is named the Golden One by Equality then renamed Gaea at the end.

Other Characters:

International 4-8818: Equality’s friend among the Street Sweepers. He is tall, strong youth and his eyes are like fireflies, for there is laughter in them.

Collective 0-0009: The oldest and wisest member of the World Council of Scholars. He is the first to ridicule Equality.

I chose this book because my mom recommended it to me.

I didn’t really care for this book. Not unlike Fahrenheit 451 the story ended without being resolved. I think that for a book to be good it needs to resolve the problem fully before it can end. The book did have a good idea to it, and I think it could have turned into something a bit better if the author had changed a few things. For example at the commencement of the book it was a bit confusing because there was no explanation about how the use of the words “I, myself, me, you.” is strongly castigated because the reference to an individual is immoral, so instead they use the words “we, they, us etc.” To fix this disorderliness I would put a small letter at the beginning of the book to set readers straight....
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