Anthem by Ayn Rand

Topics: Ayn Rand, Love, The Fountainhead Pages: 3 (884 words) Published: October 8, 2001
by Ayn Rand
In the novel Anthem by Ayn Rand there are many themes. These themes include love, desire, equality, freedom, and individuality. Most of these themes are all shown by the majority of the characters in the book, especially Equality 7-2521. One can see that the themes of love and individuality are very important in the novel. The theme of love is shown between Equality 7-2521 and Liberty 5-3000. The theme of individuality is shown by Equality 7-2521.

Anthem is a novel about a man, Equality 7-2521, who went against the laws to make his own individual choices, to gain knowledge, and to love the woman of his choice. Equality 7-2521 lived in a world in the future after a nuclear holocaust. This was a world of collectivism where a mans love for a women was forbidden. Even though Equality 7-2521 lived in this loveless world, he still loved the girl of his choice, Liberty 5-3000. One of the reasons why Equality 7-2521's love was forbidden was because in his world it was believed that "What was not thought by all men cannot be true," and "What is not done collectively cannot be good"(Anthem, Page 81). These are just some of the reasons why Liberty 5-3000 and Equality 7-2521's love was forbidden.

Equality 7-2521 and Liberty 5-3000 met because Liberty 5-3000 lived in the Home of the Peasants and works in the fields near the road that Equality 7-2521 had to sweep. Equality 7-2521 observed Liberty 5-3000 from the road and named her "the Golden One." After they started talking Equality 7-2521 found out that Liberty 5-3000 had named him "the Unconquered." After this was their first forbidden kiss.

After Equality 7-2521 fled into the Uncharted Forests and became free from the councils he finds out that Liberty 5-3000 had followed his footsteps to be with him. For the first time Liberty 5-3000 and Equality 7-2521 made love. After this the two start to reject morals and ethics of their old society and make their own. Later in their...
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