Ant Colony

Topics: Sociology, Ant, A Bug's Life Pages: 4 (1742 words) Published: July 24, 2011
In the Disney movie, A Bugs Life, there are many sociological factors that are present.   First there is the difference between the leadership styles of the Queen ant, Princess Atta, and even Hopper the grasshopper.   Also, the ant colony it self portrays the differences in social groups and who is looked at as a norm based on the ants perception and those who are deviant from the colony.   And lastly, another sociological perspective that can be seen is the symbolic interationist perspective and the way one acts of deviance or norm and if that is based and if that behavior is biological or learned.   In what follows the colony of ants will be descried and analyzed through the sociological aspects of, leadership portrayed by Princess Atta, the groups that are presented by the ants and the grasshoppers, and also the theories of behavior that can possibly explain Flik’s non compliant ways of the other ants.     Leadership can be categorized in three different ways.   These ways are Authoritarian, Democratic, and Laissez-Faire type leadership.   Those who lead in an authoritarian manner are those who give orders and have things done their way and their way only.   Democratic leaders strive to gain a consensus from others and are open to others ideas before making there final decisions.   A leader who demonstrates laissez-faire type leadership is one who is highly permissive and provides little or no direction and gives others as much freedom as possible.     In A Bugs Life, Princess Atta attempts to be authoritarian leaders in the beginning of the movie as the ants prepare the harvest for the grasshoppers as it is her training to be queen time.   She tries to look over what everyone is doing and have a say in everything that is going on.   This can be seen as she “freaks out” over   gap in the line and even though the counter tells her it is fine, she still deems it necessary to look over his shoulder to watch him count and make sure the gap is...
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