Ant 101 Australian Aboriginals

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Aborigines 1

Australian Aborigines
Carolyn Bennett
Lecia Sims

Aborigines 2 Introduction
In the following pages I am going to try to identify and describe the kinship system and the habits and ways of the Australian Aborigines

Aborigines 3
Australian Aboriginals
The Australian Aborigines are a nomadic band of people that roam the outback of Australia. They walk for miles a day, rest at night, and then walk some more the next day. The men kill the animals of Australia for food and the women gather what roots and berries that they can find. They travel from place to place according to the seasons. They go where the food is. The Aborigines know that they cannot control the weather or the condition of the land so they learn to live with it. They believe that all plants and animals contain a spirit. They treat nature with respect knowing that the land will provide what they need for their survival. They are a kinship band that has many families. They use the method of general reciprocity to survive. What one male of one family kills for food, they share with the other families in the band, expecting nothing in return. They also use the balanced reciprocity. When they meet other bands they will trade left over food or other items for something of equal value. There are small markets where they can take their belongings and trade for things that they need. The Aborigines believe in the cross-cousins marriage. They marry within the family. Cross-cousins are the children of the opposite-sex siblings. They marry their uncle’s or their aunt’s children. The male will usually move in with his new wife’s family and help to furnish food and other things that they need. Divorce is very easy among the bands because there is no property to divide. It is usually the woman who initiates the divorce....
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