Answers Unit 501

Topics: Communication, Personally identifiable information, Disability Discrimination Act 1995 Pages: 3 (1499 words) Published: February 15, 2015
Answers Unit 501
1.1 As a social professional I am required to communicate with both individuals and groups of people, they are the people I manage directly, senior Managers, external agencies, the people the organisation supports and their families, I do this through several methods, face to face meetings, training, consultation, undertaking assessments and planning, writing and delivering reports and networking. There are a range of communication skills that enable me successfully to: Listen

Disseminate information
Deliver information
Provide and receive feedback
Use questioning to clarify
Take written notes
Formulate responses
Negotiate, debate, compromise
Make decisions
1.2 The interactions I have with the people I support are highly dependent on my choice of communication method, people have a variety of support needs and communicate using number of techniques, and their individuality and diverse backgrounds will also impact on how they choose to communicate. I am aware of how to interact with the people I am supporting and where it is necessary ensure they have the necessary tools to interact with me. Service Users need to be able to provide feedback and reviews of the support and services that they purchase, they need to be involved in consultations about changes to services, and have the communication skills necessary to be able to report complaints and abuse. I need to be able to communicate effectively with a range of external agencies, for example I am responsible quarterly to gather data to provide information on sevice-wide-performance to A NHS monitoring template. I am responsible for communicating changes in organisational policies and procedures to a team, I consider the most effective way to do this, for example, via newsletter, or a team training session. I ensure the team has the skill to support peoples communication needs, they need to understand verbal and non- verbal communication skills and where it was appropriate I would...
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