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Topics: Information systems, Decision theory, Management information system Pages: 2 (285 words) Published: September 8, 2011
Master of Computer Application (MCA)
Management Information Systems
Assignment Set –ONE

Answer all Questions Each question carries TEN marks

Q.A i). Explain the impact of MIS in the area of police Information system. [FIVE Marks] ii). What are the functions and disadvantages of MIS? [FIVE Marks] Q.B i) . write a scenario which shows the applications of OLAP systems [FIVE Marks]. ii). How Information technology influences organizations goals? [FIVE Marks].

Q.C What are the features contributing to success and failures of MIS models? [TEN Marks]

Q.D Explain the relationship between artificial intelligence and neural networks with help of a scenario.[TEN Marks]

Q.E i). Explain the role of systems analyst in SDLC. Explain with a scenario. [FIVE marks] ii). write a data flow diagram for an hospital management system.[5 marks]

Q.F.What are the limitations of ERP systems? How ERP packages help in overcoming theses limitations [ TEN Marks]

Master of Computer Application (MCA) – Semester IV
Management Information Systems– IV Credits

Answer all Questions Each question carries TEN marks

Q.A How MIS is used for Decision making in the organization?[TEN Marks]

Q.B Explain the control issues in management information systems. [TEN Marks]

Q.C i). What are the different value chains? Explain with diagram.[FIVE marks] ii). What is the need of strategic information system?[FIVE marks]

Q.D i). describe business plan Vs MIS plan[FIVE marks]
ii). What are the different classes of information [FIVE marks]

Q.E i). what is the importance of BPR in business?[FIVE marks] ii). How to improve a process in BPR?[FIVE Marks]

Q.F Bring out the table that indicate the various classes of information[TEN marks]
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