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Topics: Employment, United States Army, Recruitment Pages: 3 (501 words) Published: February 17, 2013
1. The SBAR method:
| | standardizes the information delivered at handoff points.| | | minimizes the physical strain on the worker.|
| | allows employees to work on flexible work schedules.| | | permits employees to access work information remotely.| 4 points  
Question 2
In what three areas of recruiting do companies have to make decisions? Answer
| | Personnel policies, outsourcing, recruitment sources| | | Personnel policies, recruitment sources, characteristics and behavior of the recruiter| | | Recruitment sources, implementation, characteristics and behavior of the recruiter| | | Recruitment sources, affirmative action, personnel policies| 4 points  

Question 3
Which of the following is a strategy of OSHA to increase ergonomic job design? Answer
| | Enforcing laws to allow employees who are disabled to work from home| | | Providing guidelines to reduce memorization of information to reduce errors| | | Directing companies to provide employee assistance programs to its employees| | | Enforcing violations of its requirements to protect employees from work-related hazards.| 4 points  

Question 4
Designing jobs that meet mental capabilities and limitations generally involves: Answer
| | reducing the information-processing requirements of a job.| | | allowing employees to opt for a compressed workweek schedule.| | | curbing autonomy and emphasizing error-free work.|

| | increasing the amount of memorization that a job requires.| 4 points  
Question 5
Recruitment is defined as:
| | the process of screening a pool of applicants to a specific position.| | | the process of selecting the right candidates from a group of applicants.| | | the activities carried out to identify and attract potential employees.| | | the process of filling up specific job vacancies in an organization.| 4 points  

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