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Topics: Management, Labor, Assembly line Pages: 3 (666 words) Published: September 5, 2013
Sebastian Alberto Martinez Guevara
BUSN 425
Professor Leopoldo Lopez
September 05, 2013

Discussion Questions CH 1
Question #1
To understand how people organize themselves for productive enterprise, how goods and services are produced, what operations managers do, and this costly part of our economy and most enterprises. Question #2

Adam Smith (work specialization/ division of labor), Charles Babbage (work specialization/ division of labor), Frederick W. Taylor (scientific management), Walter Shewart (statistical sampling and quality control), Henry Ford (moving assembly line), Charles Sorensen (moving assembly line), Frank and Lillian Gilbreth (motion study), Eli Whitney (standardization). Question #3

Question #4
The actual charts will differ, depending on the specific organization the student chooses to describe. The important thing is for students to recognize that all organizations require, to a greater or lesser extent, the three primary functions of operations, finance/accounting, and marketing; and that the emphasis or detailed breakdown of these functions is dependent on the specific competitive strategy employed by the firm. Question #5

Question #6
The basic functions of a firm are marketing, accounting/ finance, and operations. All companies and institution and organizations perform these functions. Question #7
The ten decisions of operations management are product design, quality, process, location, layout, human resources, supply chain management, inventory, scheduling, and maintenance. Question #8
Four areas that are important to improving labor productivity are: basic education, diet of the labor force, social overhead that makes labor available, and maintaining and expanding the skills of teamwork and motivation. Question #9

Productivity is harder to measure when the task becomes more intellectual. A knowledge society implies that work is more intellectual and therefore harder to measure. Because the U.S. is an increasingly...
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