Answering the Telephone Professionally

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Answering the Telephone Professionally
Answering the phone professionally
The rules for answering a telephone are simple but they need to be continually reviewed and practiced. Following are the most basic ones, which should always be employed.
1. Use the three answering courtesies:
• Greet the caller
• State your organisation
• Introduce yourself “Good afternoon, Accounts, Andrew Batt speaking”
2. Show enthusiasm when you answer. Help make the caller feel welcome
A tired voice lacking in enthusiasm is very unappealing and reflects on the professionalism of your organisation.
3. Use friendly phrases as part of your greeting.
• “Thanks for calling.”
• “May I help you?”
4. Remember to smile as you pick up the receiver.
It may help if you have a mirror on your desk, this way you will be able to see how you sound on the telephone. Also, as a reminder, tape the word ‘Smile’ on your phone.
Closing the conversation
When you finish your telephone conversation there are some appropriate and courteous statements that should always be made. You should:
1. Thank the caller.
2. Let the caller know you appreciate his/her business.
3. Provide assurance that any promises will be fulfilled.
4. Leave the caller with a positive feeling
Some courteous closing statement examples:
“Thank you for calling. We appreciate your business “
“Feel free to call us anytime.”
“I’m glad we were able to help.”
“Goodbye and thanks for calling.”
“I enjoyed talking with you.”
“If you have any additional questions please call me.”
Tip: Let the caller hang up first. This is simple courtesy, plus it gives the caller a final chance to add something.
What to do when you have to put customers on hold:
• Ask them if you can put them on hold.
• Tell them how long they will be on hold.
• Assure them that you will be working for them while they are on hold (tell them what you will be doing away from the phone).
• Wait for their response.
• When you get back to them, thank them for holding.
How to transfer customers

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