Ansoff Matrix of Apple and Value Chain

Topics: Apple Store, Apple Inc., Steve Jobs Pages: 3 (807 words) Published: October 12, 2011
| Products|
| Existing| New|
Markets| Existing| Market Penetration| Product Development| | | *Development of more apps (22)(23)*Geographically net sale increased 2010 in (America ,Europe,Japan ,Asia specific) –(iPhone) – (Financial Table 3.4 & 3.5) (21)*Net Sales - increased by Product in 2010 – (Financial Table 3.4 & 3.5) (21)| *Apple pricing decoy(27)*Apple & Microsoft joint force(28)*Apple pushed iPhone for business(29)| | New| Market Development| Diversification|

| | *New market for Apple(24)*Consumers cloud market(25)*Developing a low cost market-Telecom (Macs)(26)| *First mover advantage-IPods (66)*Multi-Product Strategy(20)*Diversification of apple(67)|

A-FIRM INFRASTRUCTURE:- 1) Firm operates its business by 5 reportable operating segments of America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan and Retail, it allows timely response to regional customers needs, transportation costs reduction, skill sharing across regions(32)(33) 2) A Greener Apple allows reduction in energy use in production and transportation to match trend in green business(50) 3) Strong Cash Base allows the company to internally finance expansion & development without cost of capital(32) | B- HUMAN RESOUCE MANAGEMENT:- 1) Selective Hiring Process facilitates finding and attracting valuable talent(36) 2) Generous Employee Benefit Programs helps in retaining industry leading talent(35) | C- TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT:- (1) Extensive Patent Filling allows protection of important inventions and innovations in US and worldwide.(32) | D- PROCUREMENT:- (1) Positive relations with suppliers. EICC member , working to improve working conditions, created and reinforces a “Supplier Code of Conduct”.30,31 (2) Most of the apple’s products are manufactured in Asia Pacific; specifically China thus increases the risk of trade secrets being leaked to competitors.35,10 | E- INBOUND LOGISTIC:- * Automated receiving system reduces facility...
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