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Understanding the Ansoff Matrix in a new market:

When marketers try to sell the existing product to the existing customers, they engage in penetration strategy. It can be achieved in multiple ways. For example, by changing pricing, by adding minor features (new and improved!), changing the packaging (shampoo sachets), or highlighting alternative uses. In this commercial, we get to how Cadbury India is pushing for chocolates to be used as small gifts instead of more traditional sweets used during Diwali festival. 

Product Development:
McDonald's introduced salads in their outlets in order to retain its existing customers, many of whom were becoming more health conscious.Salads are exactly opposite of what McDonald's is known for! However, regulatory pressures, changing consumer behavior, and negative media coverage forced them to introduce more healthy choices on the menu.

Market Development:
Introducing an existing product in different markets is perhaps one of the most used strategies to extract full benefit of a successful product. A very common example is entering different geographical areas nationally and internationally. I think that Apple's introduction of iPod Touch falls into the same category. iPod Touch was a replica of iPhone except that it couldn't make calls. Considering that iPhone couldn't make calls either (remember AT&T issues?), iPod Touch was basically another iPhone without the contract with AT&T. However, it just opened up a tremendous market for Apple. In the following ad you will see that it could have been an iPhone ad as well. 

When marketers introduce a totally new product to a completely new market, they engage in diversification. I think that iPod was perhaps one of the most successful diversification ever. With its launch Apple targeted a very large customer group, very different from its traditional smaller cult-like following. Apple also entered into the music business that was...
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