Anselmian Theism

Topics: God, Atheism, Being Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: October 1, 2007
Sean Madden
September 17, 2007

Reflection Paper #2

Anselmian theism is a set of beliefs having to do with the existence of God according to St. Anselm. The existence of God as explained by Anselmian theism: God exists in every possible world and thus in every possible situation. This definition of Anselmian theism relates very heavily with Anselm's definition of God which states, "That than which nothing greater can be conceived". Anselmian theism expresses that God is ever present and exists in every situation in every world.

After doing quick research on some of Alvin Plantinga's work maximal greatness can be defined in one of two ways. It can be defined in terms of God as a being, which in that case God is maximal greatness and maximal greatness is what is to be strived for. Another way to define maximal greatness is by thinking in terms of the property of maximal greatness. In this instance, maximal greatness is a quality that none other can posses because there can only be one manifestation of this quality. This relates back to Anselm's definition of God once again.

In order to define "compossible great-making properties" I first must define great-making properties and compossible properties. Great-making properties are defined as any property it is better intrinsically to posses than lack, a property that is valuable for its own sake not for an external cause. Compossible properties are qualities that a thing can have all at once or at the same time. Therefore compossible great-making properties are qualities that are valuable for their own sake and can be possessed all together. Related to Anselmian theism only God possesses compossible great-making properties.
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