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Topics: Natural selection, Evolution, Charles Darwin Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: April 13, 2015
NAME: Tomas Lebedevas TITLE: Social Darwinism vs Darwinism
After Darwin made his theory of evolution the theory of Social Darwinism was created. Susan Jacoby in her book, “the Age of American Unreason”, was very critical of this theory and attributed its popularity it to the rise anti-intellectualism and anti-intellectualism in the United States culture. She describes how the pseudoscience was created from the actual scientific theory of evolution in order to push American elitist views on why there is inequality in society. Social Darwinism is the idea that people are successful in the modern world today, because they or more fit for survival than those who do not. The creed for Social Darwinism makes the case that social success equates to evolutionary success in a contemporary world. People who argue for Social Darwinism use Darwin’s explanation of survival of certain species based on their fitness. Supporters contend that this parallels to the phrase, “survival of fittest”, which can be used to describe how some humans stay in poverty while others are able to create fortunes and avoid perishing from some dangers in modern society. It is important to note that Darwin never coined the term, “survival of the fittest”, and other theorist just used it as interpretation to support their own ideals. They saw Darwin’s observations about man in a state of nature as a guideline for how human beings should treat one another. This theory describes the rich as a superior species, because they are a product of natural selection. The arguments made for Social Darwinism in the early nineteenth century are still made today. Jacoby argues that this way of thinking about Darwin’s ideas is irrational. She describes Social Darwinism as a pseudoscience or junk science much like astronomy or alchemy. Meaning that although its’ rhetoric utilizes scientific terms it actually is fundamentally unscientific. Social Darwinism is relatable to Darwin’s theory to an extent, but it...
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