Anorexia Nervosa/Bulimia Nervosa Reaction Paper

Topics: Pro-ana, Eating disorders, Bulimia nervosa Pages: 4 (1255 words) Published: March 9, 2006
My reaction to the various websites I found promoting anorexia and bulimia went from being disgusted to having a little sick interest. The human body, in all its forms, is compelling. In general, most of the sites I found had a few things in common with one site on pro anorexic and bulimic called "oOo…ana's underground grotto…oOo" that has everything: pictures to help keep your goal in mind, a chat room to find others like you and friends to diet/fast with, rituals to follow and help you stick to fasting, poetry as a way to motivate you not to eat, and a post area where you could see entry's made by anorexics/bulimics.

The pictures that I found on "oOo…ana's underground grotto…oOo" were set up like a gallery and included disgusting photos of women who are suffering from the disease as well as pictures of famous models or actress's. Another part of the gallery showed something called a reverse trigger or a picture of an overweight person, usually a female, usually in a bathing suit. All the pictures were disgusting and not something I would want to look at. "Fragile Innocence" is a very disturbing website that also has pictures but on this site they are used as background. "Fragile Innocence" has lots of links and I found a poem that seems to be about anorexic death, how it is suicide and all the emotions that connect to a person considering killing himself/herself. The poem is called "[s]cared" and is by simply Brittany.

The chat room on "oOo…ana's underground grotto…oOo" was what stunned me the most. Some of the girls in the chat were teaching others how they "made it" (whatever that is) and what to do. Others were just sharing their experiences with one another. This sharing is what some of the websites are all about: telling your experience, such as with "firegal" who explains that her website "is not intended to encourage people to develop eating disorders" but that she has decided that she doesn't "have the strength to go into recovery. I just want to...
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