Anonymity on Internet

Topics: Instant messaging, Online chat, Chat room Pages: 3 (1248 words) Published: October 30, 2014
Elizabeth Perez
CGS1060 7/2/2012 Anonymity on Internet

The Internet has is growing rapidly and is a very useful tool, but the Internet is also dangerous. Many people ranging from all ages use the Internet not only for surfing the web but also for email, buying items off eBay or other online stores. Now for the topic that I will be discussing is chat rooms, and not just chat rooms but also instant messenger. I feel that chat rooms can be looked at from both sides negative and positive and I want to talk about both. Many people may say “Oh I never want to go into a chat room they are dangerous.” When it seems like all it would take is for them to try it once and BAM they are hooked. I know I was one of them, but when I really began to realize how many people lie to you and see some of the negative aspects my chatting days were over. Many people start out by going into a chat room that may be designated for a certain age group, or religious room, or rooms where people are talking about music or movies. When people choose the room according to their own age group how do they know for sure that the person they will be talking to will be the same age, you don’t. It is sad to think that people will lie but the thing is you are anonymous over the Internet you can be whoever you want to be and nobody will know. That is really scary when you think about all the sick predators out there just waiting for young people to chat with. “Chatting in the room itself is not the preferred method of a predator. Predators use chat rooms as a hunting ground to locate their victim. They look at what is being said. Is there a child of the sex and age they are looking for in the chat rooms? Is that child having a good time online, are others chatting with...
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