Ano Ang Epekto Nf Modernisasyon Sa Pag Aaral Ng Isang Inhinyero Sibil?

Topics: UCI race classifications, Interview Pages: 3 (432 words) Published: March 13, 2011
Interview Questions Outline


Interview Report

Interviewee: Mr. Ricardo M. Manuguid
Profession: Teacher-Professor
Place at work: Catanduanes State Colleges
Date/ Time of Interview: March 8, 2011/ 8:10 am
Interviewer: Minda D. Segismundo

Q # 1: Description of the Profession

Q # 1.1: Is being a teacher or professor is easy, difficult or manageable job? Why? Answer # 1.1: If you are a teacher for a long period of time it is very easy and manageable since you are accustom to the job. Q # 1.2: What are the responsibilities in your work as a teacher or as a professor? Answer # 1.2: Students, order and discipline to the students, computation of grades and other activities required by the office.

Q # 2: Work Environment

Q # 2.1: How is your working relationship with your co-teacher or co- professor? Answer # 2.1: I have a harmonious relationship with my co- teachers or co- professors. Q # 2.2: Are there times that you feel tired at the environment that you have? Answer # 2.2: Of course!

Q # 3: Requirement of the Profession

Q # 3.1: What are the requirements at your work?
Answer # 3.1: First and foremost you should take a Masters Degree and pass the licensure examination.

Q # 4: Job Satisfaction

Q # 4.1: Being a teacher or a professor, what are the benefits that you get? Answer # 4.1: GSIS and high salary and others benefits that the teacher must have….. Q # 4.2: What do you feel to the work that you have now? Happy? Fulfilled? Sad? Why? Answer # 4.2: Happy, because that was the profession I have chosen. Q # 4.3: If you have your way, what are the things that you must change in your work? Why? Answer # 4.3: Nothing because all most of the qualities have been in the teacher.

Q # 5: Closing Questions

Q # 5.1: What can you say to those who would also want to have the kind of work/ profession that you have now? Answer # 5.1: They must have perseverance and patient in going along with the students.

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