Annual Report Samsung 2009

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va l u a bl e. u t i l it y . cr e at i v e. i m p r e s s i v e. d e l i g ht f u l . c hal l e n g i n g . a ma z i n g . precious. beneficial. u ne xpe c t e d . f ri e n d l y . artistic. s u r pri s i n g . i n v it i n g . i n c l u s i v e. c ont e m po ra ry . r e wa r d i n g . i m agi n at i v e. opt i mi s t i c . br i g ht . engaging. real. p a s s i o n at e. e v e r y o n e. e ve ry w h e r e. Samsung.

i n s pi r i n g . r e ma rk a bl e. curious. f l e xi bl e. discovered. enriching. t h o u g ht f u l . diversified. a nt i c i pat i n g . d i s c e rn i n g . organized. a f fo r d a bl e. d i f fe r e nt i at i n g . striking. pu r pos e f u l . functional. refined. wow. 2009 i n s i g ht f u l . c o oSamSung l s i mpl e. electronicS ingenious. annual rePort stylish. lasting. bri l l i a nt . handy.

2009 SamSung electronicS annual rePort

2009 Financial Summary
Samsung Electronics and Consolidated Subsidiaries

SalES and OPErating PrOFit
2007 2008 2009

9.0 6.0 11.6

98.5 121.3

(in trillions of KRW)

Sales Operating Profit


caSh FlOwS -12.0 -13.1 -14.4
2007 2008 2009

14.8 13.4

(in trillions of KRW)

Cash Flows from Operating Activities Cash Flows from Investing Activities


(in billions of KRW)

Income StatementS Sales Operating Profit net income Balance SheetS assets liabilities

2007 98,508 8,973 7,421

2008 121,294 6,032 5,526

2009 138,994 11,578 9,649

93,375 37,403 55,972

105,301 42,377 62,924

118,281 45,227 73,054

2009 Financial Summary 01 relentless Passion message from the cEO about the Board inspire the world, create the Future Business Overview Financial Statements global network

Shareholders’ Equity caSh FlowS cash Flows from Operating activities cash Flows from investing activities cash Flows from Financing activities

02 10 14 16 28 39 94

14,791 (12,002) (1,600)

13,360 (13,128) 1,934

19,656 (14,424) (3,948)

This annual report includes forward-looking statements which relate to future events and can be generally identified by phrases containing words such as “believes,” “expects,” “anticipates,” “foresees,” “forecasts,” “estimates,” or other words or phrases of similar meaning. These forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and may involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may affect our actual results, performance, achievements or financial position, making them materially different from the actual future results, performance, achievements or financial position expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. Unless otherwise specified, all data presented in this report is from our consolidated financial statements.

inspiring. remarkable. flexible. discovered. enriching. thoughtful. diversified. curious. anticipating. discerning. organized. affordable. differentiating. striking. Every day, around the world, people dream, communicate and update their stories of human history. at Samsung Electronics, we are finely tuned to tracking those next exciting leaps, to intuiting the change-agent shifts, to finding ways to make global citizens healthier and happier.

living life at full tilt, with passion and freedom

cool. ingenious. lasting. functional. insightful. wow. refined. Every innovation must honor yesterday, meet today’s demands and elegantly inform tomorrow. as a global trendsetter, Samsung Electronics harmonizes the sensitivities of the old and the new, balancing culture and technology, comfort and cutting-edge, the excitement of youth with the wisdom of experience.

simple. stylish. brilliant. handy. valuable. useful. creative.

creating new lifestyles, with joy and flair

delightful. challenging. amazing. precious. bright. engaging. real. unexpected. friendly. artistic. inviting. beneficial. inclusive. rewarding. in the new world of everheightened senses, where seeing, touching, feeling is expressed...
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