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AT 7PM, 21st NOVEMBER 2012
Peter Kewley, Jeff Symons, Cheryl Adams, Gail Penny, Dennis Nolan, Bob Hayter, Judith Meier, Bob date,, Kath Munchow, Peggy Lee, Trevor Rogers, Keith Smith, Craig Pettigrew, Suzanne Pettigrew, Mary Bongers, Max lane, Keith Bollard, Peter Carty, Stan Barnett, David Norris, Bob Williamson, Paulette Schmitt, Rose Marie Burns, John Fleiner, Matt Jones, Norm Young, Denise Gartland, Derek Rowe, Cris Solomon, Jan Jones.

Apologies; Les Unsworth, Peter Carless, Gary Parnell.
President Peter Carty declared the AGM in progress.
Points of the meeting;
1, To confirm the minutes of the previous annual general meeting, Moved Max Lane, Seconded Derek Rowe.
2, To receive from the committee reports upon the transactions of the Association during the last proceed financial year.
Treasurer Bob Hayter presented his report and declared the Association to be in a good financial position
3, The Treasurers report:
I am pleased to report the club is in good financial position. The income to support our activities comes almost completely from the Annual Subscriptions being $6855 for the year plus the $2 meeting charge amounting to $3668 for the financial year.

Our expenses are more varied but are largely Rent, Affiliation fees, Judge and Speaker fees as well as equipment purchases.
This last financial year has seen purchases of new Hi Res Projector, Laptop Computer an a large projection screen.
These items accounted for over $6000 of our expenditure.
Our change to the National Australia Bank went smoothly and we are now receiving interest on the balance of our account.

We have recently upgraded our accounting software to take advantage of some of MYOB’s new features.
I would like to thank Peter Pretty for his help in setting up the MYOB software and his help during the year with our accounting queries.
Clubs financial report distributed to members present.
Treasures report moved to be accepted Bob Hayter, seconded Peter Kewley. 4, The Secretary noted the annual return to Consumer Affairs is prepared and mirrors the financial statement of the Clubs finances and Assets as reported by the Treasurer, copies are available for inspection.

5, Presidents Report
I took the opportunity to publish a President’s Report in the club newsletter, summarising where I believe the club can become a more valuable forum for its members. However, as an Annual General Meeting is the formal medium to present this information, I would like to also include the core of those suggestions within my comments tonight.

The Frankston Photographic Club is in a sound situation in terms of membership and finances. Thank you to our committee members who manage these elements and all those club members who take care of the detailed duties necessary to keep things that way.

We have a web site that has recently received very favourable comments, and a newsletter, which is among the best in the photographic community. One has to acknowledge the time and effort put into these media by Gary Parnell maintaining the website and Peter Carless who edits the newsletter. Our website has recently undergone a welcome facelift for which we thank Bob Hayter, who also does a great job as our Treasurer.

We are very fortunate in having Peter Kewley as our Secretary. He does a very efficient job in that role and, at least as importantly, keeping an administrative eye on all those other matters involving club activities. Without his steerage, I’m sure a lot of matters would not be taken care of in the way they should.

We all know that once our competition entries are put in the box they will magically reappear on the judging night accurately assessed with scores recorded for future reference; and all untouched by human hands. In reality, thank you to Rose for doing the clerical and photographic work needed to...
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