Annual Projections

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Finance is one of the major elements that activate the overall growth of the economy. Finance is the life blood of economic activity .A well-knit financial system directly contributes to the growth of the economy. An efficient financial system calls for the efficient performance of institution, financial instruments and financial markets.

Finance which acts as the lifeblood in the modern business types is one of the most important consideration for an entrepreneur-company. While implementing, expanding, diversifying, modernizing or rehabilitating any project the meaning of finance is better understood. This section have covered the finance related inormation and the process of managing the same. Finance is the science of managing money and other assets. It is the process of canalization of funds in the form of invested capital, credits, or loans to those economic agents who are in need of funds for productive investments or otherwise. E.g. On one hand, the consumers, business firms, and governments need funds for making their expenditures, pay their debts, or complete other transactions. On the other hand, savers accumulate funds in the form of savings deposits, pensions, insurance claims, and savings or loan shares, etc which becomes a source of investment funds. Here, finance comes to the fore by channeling these savings into proper channels of investment; In general, finance is that business activity which is concerned with acquisition and conservation of capital funds in meeting financial needs and overall objectives. “Finance is the common denominator for a vast range of corporate objects and the major part of any corporate plan must be expressed in financial terms”. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

The projects deals with projecting the financial requirements of the company .The profit and loss statement is projected for monthly which helps to know the working capital required and gross profit margin of the company. The monthly projections are further extended to find the annual financial requirements of the company. This is done in order to submit to banks for availing loans. This would help the bank to decide whether to provide loans and how much to provide.

It is truly said, “One look is better than thousand words”. Today we reside in a visual world where images influence our buying decisions and within a fraction of second it captures consumer attention. Attractive, economical and practical packaging is designed to generate maximum marketing response. Packaging has grown in importance and is regarded as a vital marketing tool. Better Packaging results in protection and safe transportation of products, reduces losses and prevents damage and wastage of products. Packaging is a multi technology business that touches almost everything made. Right from chocolate, food, clothing, shelter, automotive, appliance, electronics – packaging is everywhere. Worldwide the flexible packaging industry is growing at two times of the GDP growth rate. Global packaging industry is worth more than USD 424 Billion. The consumer market dominates the global packaging industry and accounts for an estimated 70 per cent of sales, with industrial applications taking the remaining 30 per cent of the share. World demand for flexible packaging is estimated to grow at more than 4 % per year through 2005 to nearly 14 million metric tons, with a value exceeding USD 50 Billion. Flexible packaging will continue to develop new applications while also supplanting rigid containers, supported by a favorable environmental profile and improvements in barrier properties and convenience. Plastics films, which already account for over 70% of the total global demand, will continue to post gains at the expense of paper and aluminum foil. Plastics will benefit from superior price/ performance profile and efforts to improve...
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