Annual Audit Plans, Programs and Activities

Topics: Internal audit, Internal control, Auditing Pages: 5 (839 words) Published: May 21, 2013

FOR:Director General, PDEA

FROM:Chief, Internal Audit Division

SUBJECT :Accomplished Program from January to May 2013 and Proposed Audit Work Plan, Programs, Activities and Projects for June-December 2013

DATE:20 May 2013


1.Philippine Government Internal Audit Manual;

2.Agency Orders No. 2012-234-A Commencement of PDEA Internal Audit Team Function dated December 3, 2012; and

3.IAD Memorandum dated 10 December 2012 for DG, PDEA re: Internal Audit Function, Work Plan and Schedule.


4.This pertains to the proposed Annual Audit Work Plan, Programs, Activities and Projects for FY 2013; and

5.The said Annual Audit Work Plan, Programs, Activities and Projects shall establish and strengthen the Internal Audit functions, and to determine whether internal controls are well designed and properly operated.


6.It is of utmost importance that Internal Audit Division personnel, shall be properly and/or continuously trained to further strengthen and enhance their competence in handling Internal Audit functions.

7.At the end of this Annual Audit Work Plan, Programs, Activities and Projects, the Agency looks forward to achieve the following objectives:

a.To ensure efficient, effective, ethical and economical operations;

b.To analyze and evaluate management deficiencies and assist top management by recommending realistic course of action;

c.To determine the degree of compliance with laws, regulations managerial policies, accountability measures, ethical standards and contractual obligations;

d.To monitor day to day internal controls and conduct of continual management improvement;

e.To appraise the plan of organization and all the coordinated methods and measures;

f.To ensure that Internal Audit personnel are properly equipped with an up-to-date relevant knowledge of the latest laws, necessary rules, regulations and circulars for the strengthening of the internal control systems.

g.To equip the IAD personnel with proper knowledge, skills, technical and functional expertise.


8.Conduct Annual Administrative and Operations Readiness Inspection to wit:

a.1 Accomplished

i.January 2013Complete Manpower of Internal Audit Division ii.February 2013 Non-drug evidence Audit (Done)
iii.March 2013 PDEA Academy Management and Operations Audit iv.April 2013Internal Affairs Service

a.2 Proposal

v.May 2013Monitoring of approved audit Findings and Recommendations
Monitor the inventory of CPECs and DDs in the custody of PDEA vi.June 2013D’ White House Management and Operations Audit Monitor the inventory of CPECs and DDs in the custody of PDEA vii.July 2013Laboratory Service

Monitor the inventory of CPECs and DDs in the custody of PDEA viii.August 2013Compliance Service
Monitor the inventory of CPECs and DDs in the custody of PDEA ix.September 2013Regional Office Mindanao Cluster
x.October 2013Regional Office Visayas Cluster
xi.November 2013Regional Office Luzon Cluster
xii.December 2013Monitor implementation of approved audit Findings and Recommendations

Note: To determine compliance with management policies and operational standards, the conduct of Annual Administrative Operations Readiness Inspection on Selected Regional Offices in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao is justifiable because said regional offices were not covered in last year’s Annual General Inspection.

9.Relocation to the assigned office of the Internal Audit Division located at the 2nd floor PDEA GYM so further issuances of office equipment, furniture, partition, vehicle and other office supplies shall be made; and

10.Constant participation on seminars and trainings related to Audit matters;


11.Building networks with the following counterparts;

a.Commission on Audit (COA)
b.Civil Service...
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