Annoying Drivers

Topics: Automobile, Tram accident, Parking space Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Like any other typical Saturday I wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast and head out of the house. I get in my car and start driving towards my friend’s house. Once I pick her up, I take Cicero Avenue towards State Street. After our thirty-minute drive we arrive at the mall, but as some may not know, I encountered many annoying and irresponsible drivers along the way. Many of us may encounter some of these types of people while driving to our destinations. These types of people include those who do not maintain their car, those who perform other activities while driving, and those who do not know how to drive.

When someone buys a car they are accepting all the responsibilities that come with owning a car. Unfortunately, some of these people do not like to spend their time and money on fixing important things like their brake lights. This really annoys me not only because I have to be much more cautious when driving behind them, but also because it is very dangerous for other drivers. For example, in the summer I took my brother and his friends to the mall. It was a Saturday afternoon during rush hour, so there was a lot of traffic. On our drive there, a white Chevy Trailblazer switched into the lane I was in and went in front of me. As we kept making small stops and the car moved forward, I proceed to catch up, but I soon find myself almost kissing the back bumper of their car and I made a sudden stop. As I look closer I noticed that the car was at a stop, but the brake lights would not lit up. I was infuriated, because not only were they risking their lives, but the lives of other people. Without functioning lights, other drivers would not be able to know if a car is slowing down and may ram into the car. It is unsafe when people do not take care of their cars because they can cause many accidents.

Just like it irritates me when people allow their cars to become unsafe, another practice of unsafe drivers that annoys me is when they perform other tasks...
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