Announcement for Pollution

Topics: Water pollution, Water, Pollution Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: November 21, 2008
Causes and Effects of Water Pollution

Public Service Announcement for Pollution

What are the causes of water pollution? This question has no simple answer. Water pollution can be defined as anything humans do to cause harmful effects to our bodies of water. This can include pollution of rivers, lakes, oceans, and ground water pollution. The causes of pollution in the water are virtually endless. Manufacturing plants are major causes of water pollution, using bodies of fresh water to carry away waste that can contain phosphates, nitrates, lead, mercury and other harmful and toxic substances. Even the hot water that factories often discharge can raise the temperature and change the chemistry of bodies of water, causing what’s called “thermal pollution.” Construction byproducts are another one of the major causes of water pollution: cement, metals, plastics and lubricants are the usual culprits. In addition to large industry, individual consumers round up the list of causes of water pollution. We pour our waste chemicals and detergents into our rivers. Small boats and large ships alike are responsible for spilling oil into our seas and oceans, and dropping untreated sewage into the water. These pollutants are carried by waves to even the most remote parts of our oceans.

It’s not just large bodies of water that we need to worry about. The entire world, particularly places close to big cities, faces the problem of ground water pollution. Ground water pollution occurs when harmful elements, such as oil, debris, chemicals and other contaminants get washed up by rainwater and then seep back into underground water supplies called ground water. Ground water is often harvested through the use of wells and aquifers and makes its way back into our drinking supply.

We now know some of the common causes of water pollution. But what are the effects of water pollution? The effects of pollution in the water are myriad. In rivers, oceans and seas, the water pollution...
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