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Annotated Timeline – River Valley Civilizations

You will create an annotated, illustrated timeline to review the key dates and events discussed in class. The timeline annotations should include the relevant details of the event, but be concise in the explanation. Illustrations should be relevant to the events. The long-sized paper for the timelines will be provided, and your timeline should be done BY HAND. All annotations should be hand-written and original (your own words). The illustrations may be done by hand or can be printed from the computer.

The time and attention you put into your creation will help you refresh the learned content and will assist you in preparation for the Unit Test. The more the effort put into this assignment, the more you should retain for the test, and the better your grade. This project counts as a test grade.

Unit I and II

Timeline Events:
Emergence of homo sapiens sapiens p.11
Era of Hunters and Gatherers p.11
Neolithic Revolution p.12
Age of Innovation in Middle East (metalworking) p. 41
Sumer Civilization p.35
Akkad Empire of Sargon p.38
Hammurabi’s Code p.38
Old Kingdom – Egypt p.25
Middle Kingdom – Egypt p.26
New Kingdom – Egypt p.26
Harappan Civilization (Indus River Valley) p.53
Emergence of Hebrews/Israelites p.45
Shang Dynasty p. 60
Zhou Dynasty p.63
Qin Dynasty p. 90
Emergence of Chinese Philosophers p.89
Building of Great Wall of China p.94
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