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Annotated Bibliography on Teen Pregnancy

By b281980 Jan 20, 2012 805 Words
Annotated Bibliography on Teen Pregnancy



October 23, 2011

Annotated Bibliography on Teen Pregnancy

Clinical Digest. (2009). Aggression is a predictor of rapid repeat teen pregnancy: pubertal onset
age and conflict management key considerations in prevention strategies. Nursing
Standard, 23(24), [16]. Retrieved from
This article provides data from actual interviews with teens that have has rapid
repeat pregnancies within 24 months of the last pregnancy experienced and those
individuals who did not. The study shows significant differences in aggression
behaviors and how recognizing these behaviors early on could help prevent teen
rapid repeat pregnancies in the future. This is a peer-reviewed article and was
researched by clicking the peer-review box during the search process. Kelly, L., Sheeder, J., & Stevens-Simon, C. (2004). Teen Home Pregnancy Test Takers: more
Worried or more wishful? Pediatrics, 113(3 Part 1), 581-584. Retrieved from http://
This article provides insight from a study of teens that used home pregnancy
Tests. Were these individuals more concerned with contraception mishaps?
or the affects that child rearing would have on their futures? The study
included 340 individuals who were racially and ethnically diverse who were
sought out because of visiting three different teen clinics for various reasons.
The reasons included pregnancy testing, sexually transmitted disease testing,
obtaining contraceptives and general health visits. This is a peer-reviewed
article and was researched by clicking the peer-review box during the search
McKay, A., & Barrett, M. (2010). Trends in teen pregnancy rates from 1996-2006: a comparison
of Canada, Sweden, U.S.A., and England/Wales. Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality,
19(1-2), 43-52. Retrieved from
This article provides statistical data concerning teen pregnancy and abortion
rates covering a ten year time period. Research concerning teen pregnancy and
abortion is important to understanding socioeconomic factors and trends in teen
sexual and reproductive health. Trends have decreased in teen pregnancy meaning
either a stronger support system for teens to encourage control over sexual activity
is available or there is an increase in contraceptive usage. This is a peer-
reviewed article and was found by clicking the peer-review box during the search
Medoff, M. (2010). The Impact of State Abortion Policies on Teen Pregnancy Rates. Social
Indicators Research, 97(2), 177-189. Retrieved from
This article provides research from state-level data for the years of 1982, 1992,
and 2000 concerning teen pregnancy rates, abortion rates, and new laws and
policies affecting the pricing of abortions and how these new laws and
policies are deterring unwanted pregnancies. This is a peer-reviewed article and
was found by clicking the peer-review box during the search process. Monahan, D. J. (2002). Teen pregnancy prevention outcomes: Implications for social work
practice. Families in Society, 83(4), 431-431-439. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.
This article provides detailed information concerning study group demographics,
knowledge and dating behaviors, and adolescent attitudes and how these details
affect teen pregnancy and intervention programs. Are prevention programs
helping decrease the amount of teen pregnancy seen each year? What are these
programs offering teens to help them make more beneficial life choices? This is
a peer-reviewed article and was found by clicking the peer-review box during
the search process.
Sen, B. (2003). Can Beer Taxes Affect Teen Pregnancy? Evidence Based on Teen Abortion
Rates and Birth Rates. Southern Economic Journal, 70(2), 328-343. Retrieved from
Data from the years of 1985, 1988, 1992, and 1996 were used in this interesting
article on beer taxes and teen pregnancy and how they are related. The article
provided statistical data showing that higher tax rates on beer have shown
to negatively affect teen pregnancy and abortion rates. This is a peer-reviewed
article and was found by clicking the peer-review box during the search process. Witte, K. (1997). Preventing teen pregnancy through persuasive communications: Realities,
Myths and the hard-fact truths. Journal of Community Health, 22(2), 137-137-54.
Retrieved from
This article provides interesting data concerning the use of pregnancy prevention
campaigns and what they communicate to teens and adolescents. Campaigns
according to the study should provide more negative and hard-fact truths to
communicate teen pregnancy, sexual activity, and abortion in order to help
combat future teen pregnancy and abortion rates. This is a peer-reviewed article
and was found by clicking the peer-review box during the search process.

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