Annotated Bibliography of Articles on Harley Davidson

Topics: Harley-Davidson, Motorcycle, Output Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: October 13, 2013
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Unknown Author, (2013). Investor Relations, Retrieved from This website culminates the entire financial and business facts provided publicly by Harley Davidson. They provide their investors input and output numbers for many of the past years which would allow a user to research published articles reflecting change and see if the change truly resulted in an increase in sales or a decrease in cost. In addition to the basic "dollars" information they also provide links to other fan pages and critic reviews that may be helpful to determine the status of this business.

Unknown Author, (2013). Business Day (Harley Davidson), Retrieved from This website is created and maintained daily by the many researchers and publishers of the New York Times. They take data from many sources to include the Harley Davidson page and continue to grow and develop a business profile many different companies. The initial page is a very tidy synopsis showing the overall price of the products (comparatively) and the stock rates since the last closing. Once you leave the main page it takes you to many articles about the goings on of Harley Davidson and changes that are coming down the pipe or changes that have been made and the respective outcome.

One particular article that caught my eye was one that spoke of a marketing change to hit women as a new company target. I think this is a great idea since you see more and more women riding motorcycles every day. I am not talking about the "biker chicks" either, I am referring to the business women who have found that riding a bike is not only a pleasurable experience but it is also very economical. With that being said unfortunately this particular attempt...
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