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World Wildlife Fund. Retrieved from

The World Wildlife Fund is a nature conservation organization that began in 1961. Their mission is “to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature”. Their website provides a host of information ranging from habitats to endangered species and the threats that occur.

Under the about us section, there are 40 of their employed experts listed. Each individual has a link that provides information about them including their education and experience. The World Wildlife Fund website will be beneficial to this research because it supplies so much information to give a base knowledge of different habitats and the animals within it and also how both are endangered. The Sierra Club. Ecological Benefits of Wolves. Sierra Club Wyoming Chapter.

The article Ecological Benefits of Wolves is about the removal and reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone Park. The author discusses the benefits the wolves have on the habitat and the other animals in Yellowstone. The wolves are the natural predator in the Yellowstone habitat and thus are a keystone species. Once it was decided to remove the wolves from the park, the habitat and the other animals began to suffer. Once the wolves were completely gone, the coyote became the predator, but they weren’t large enough to take down the bigger animals such as elk and deer. These animals are grazers and once they didn’t have to worry about a predator, they overgrazed the land, which inhibits the growth of trees and other plants. This suppression affects beavers and birds as well as other animals. Scavengers in Yellowstone are also dependant on wolves because they feed on the wolves’ kills and without them they starve. At the end of the article, there is a list of references and upon further investigation, the authors of the sources are experts in the fields of biology and ecology and have degrees in those fields. Although the specific author of the...
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