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Topics: Firearm, Concealed carry in the United States, University Pages: 5 (1490 words) Published: April 23, 2015

Annotated Bibliography: Guns On Campus

Cavanaugh, Michael R. "Student Attitudes Toward Concealed Handguns on Campus at 2 Universities." American Joumal of Public Health 102.12 (2012): 2245-2247. Web. 22 Mar. 2015. .

This Article discusses weather or not the carrying of a concealed handgun should be allowed on campus, And the explanation to the safety of the students and how they feel about it. Studies have shown that students carrying guns are more likely to be white males, engaging in risky behaviors and binge drinking, be in trouble with the law, and attend college in southern and mountain states. This is your average student that is usually found with these concealed weapons and the question comes up, are these kids going to use them in the wrong way? Many people have been saying if you enforce the rule more on campus then there would be less crime rates to occur on campus. But no matter how much you enforce this rule it doesn’t necessarily make students feel safer on campus. The chart in the article even shows that students feel safer with guns in the community vs. on campus. In conclusion is there a way to make students feel safer on campus even if the law is enforced much greater.

This article was published by Michael R. Cavanaugh MA, Jeffrey A. Bouffard, PhD, William Wells PhD, and Matt R. Nobles PhD in December of 2012. This article is useful in demanding a change in student’s safety on campus. The information in this article is affective towards the growing safety issue that occurs on campuses around the world. It give logical facts showing proof on how the students feel about other kids carrying a concealed weapon on campus and weather they feel safe or not. The article also helps to depict the average student who would be carrying a concealed weapon and if he or she is entitled to use it in such a harmful way. It also conquers if the policy is changed how would students react and would they feel safer and in a lot of cases the students felt no difference.

In response to the article there are many things that I think are correct in the ways that college students feel around campus. Meaning not every college student is necessarily your average student as stated in the article. The author discusses that students carrying guns are more likely to be white males, engaging in risky behaviors and binge drinking, be in trouble with the law, and attend college in southern and mountain states. And I feel he is right, because down south your average student that would be more likely to have a gun is a male that usually would be into hunting and came from a very country background, other then a black male for instance. The policy that is trying to be enforced on campus that there are no concealed weapons allowed may not work. This policy may not make students feel safer its just kind of there for a safety blanket. The next bet step to making these students on campus feel better may be to setup a more stricter plan to crack down on these concealed weapons. Plans such as making it mandatory to do room checks at least once a month, and maybe have more police on foot around campus. This may help the student feel a bit safer. I think the crackdown to be more strict on campus with concealed weapons would definitely help the campus students feel more safe and not have to worry about walking alone or even just walking to class in general. Just a few little things could make a big difference. Bouffard, Jeffrey A., Matt R. Nobels, William Wells, and Michael R. Cavanaugh. "How Many More Guns? Estimating the Effect of Allowing Licensed Concealed Handguns on a College Campus." Journal of Interpersonal Violence 27.2 (2013): 316-434. Print.

This particular article talks about how advocates for lifting bans on carrying concealed handguns on campus and how this would make it more common to see people with actual handguns on campus. This in fact could then...

Bibliography: Smith, Termika N. "To Conceal and Carry or Not to Conceal and Carry on Higher Education Campuses, That Is the Question." Journal of Academic Ethics 10.3 (2012): 237-242. Print.
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