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Annotated Bibliography

Cosmetology Licensing. (2003). New York: Learning Express, LLC. Standards are set for cosmetologist for each state’s board. Many states use exams sponsored by Exterior Assessments. A list of specific certification requirements are for all 50 states. Most written examinations for cosmetologists contain questions in four areas: scientific and basic concepts, physical services, chemical services, hair designing. The cosmetology exam takes a lot of preparation. You need to prepare yourself for the exam so you can pass with a good grade. The exam gives you the discipline and attitude you need to be a winner. You do not want to slack off. You have to make sure you stay focused and be prepared and ready to take the exam. There are obstacles that can stand in your way, but you can’t let it. Obstacles that can stand in your way are: being unfamiliar with format of the exam, being paralyzed by test anxiety, leaving your preparation to the last minute, and not preparing at all. Brown, B. (2008). Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual. New York: Bobbi Brown Evolution, LLC. Being organized is very important. Even if you’re a makeup artist or not it’s still important. Having a makeup kit helps with your organization. First, you have a home makeup bad/ kit, then an everyday bag, and an evening bag. When wanting to be a makeup artist/ cosmetologist in general you have to familiarize yourself with your tools. You want to make sure also you also know how to shop for them and clean them properly. Another thing you need to know about is the skin. You want to know what works best for the costumer. You want to be able to analyze the skin to tell what a person’s skin type is. Another thing to becoming a cosmetologist is that you want to know what a person’s tone in color is. For the face there are different concealers and correctors to make a face look flawless. Most importantly you have to know how to apply makeup to a person’s face. Dennis, M. L. (2000). Careers in Cosmetology. New York: Barron's Educational Series, Inc. Cosmetologist do varies of things from doing hair to skin, and nails. They want to make people feel good about themselves. It’s important to people of all ages to feel good and feel good about how they look. Cosmetologist has a positive outlook for people. Women want to appear to other people as stylish and well put together. When someone is motivated to do something, there’s no limit for them in the cosmetology field. In order to become a cosmetologist and get your license you must pass the state board exam. You must also get training in order to become a cosmetologist. Depending on the state, most require 1,200 and 1,600 classroom hours of study. Some require a high school diploma or GED. When wanting to go in this field you will have to have some kind of specialized training. You will either need it on the job or in some type of classroom setting. Ferguson, I. J. (2008). Careers in Focus. New York: Info base. Cosmetologists like to work in many different settings and locations/ areas. A lot of cosmetologists like working in salons, at home, or even at the spa. When you know how to do more things than just doing hair, it’s easier for you to find a job. Suppose you knew how to do hair, nails, makeup, massages, facials etc. you will be able to get a better well-paying job. Many people who have completed their trailing start at a salon. Self-employment is an alternate for cosmetologist. When you are self-employed you can have mobility within the industry. People in the industry have professional organizations that make an effort to educated people. This book tells you the history, the job description, requirements, talks about when you are starting out as a cosmetologist, and the outlook of it all. There are also people called aroma therapists who use the essential oils in different types of aromatherapy such as cosmetics. Ferguson, I. J. (2011). Encyclopedia of Careers and Vacational Guidance. New York:...

Bibliography: Cosmetologist Education Requirements and Career Information. (2003-2013). Retrieved Feb. 11, 2013, from Education Portal:
A cosmetologist may be a hairstylist, barber, perm or hair color specialist, manicurist, pedicurist, or make-up artist. Cosmetologist can do many different things. They can go to school for different things. Cosmetologist is known for being creative. Experienced cosmetologist can go on to work as a salon owner or even a salon manager, sales representative or cosmetology school instructor. You will have to go to school for a couple of years and get extra training to become a school instructor. You have to go to a cosmetology school/ college or you have to go to a trade school. You will be in school for at least 9 months depending on where you go. Cosmetologist can make a lot of money. It all depends on where they work and how much they make. They work 40-plus hour weeks with an average salary of $11.13 per hour. The field of cosmetology’s growth is predicted to be 20% between 2008 and 2018.
Cosmetologist Job Description & Information. (2004-2013). Retrieved Feb. 11, 2013, from Beauty Schools Directory: school
A cosmetologist is more than a hairstylist; they are on the cutting edge of trends and styles in hair and beauty techniques. As a cosmetologist you must learn how to cut, color and style all types of hair, as well as straightening, permanent waves’, curling, weaves, extensions and more. You have to maintain a clean and sanitized environment. A cosmetologist earns a median pay of $22,500 per year. Their earnings depend on numerous factors. To enroll in a cosmetology school you are required to have a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. Most states require 1600 training hours to get a cosmetologist license. A career in cosmetology can lead to a variety of professions. You can do a lot of different things on this field. If you like to do it then you should go to school for it almost anywhere you would like. There are plenty of different schools out there for you to go to for your desired career.
Cosmetology Course. (2005). Retrieved Feb. 11, 2013, from Cameo Beauty Academy:
When getting onto a cosmetology course, you develop the practical skills, theoretical knowledge and professional attitudes necessary for success in the profession. They want to qualify and equip the student to pass the state licensing exam. After you graduate and pass the state licensing exam, you are qualified to work as a licensed cosmetologist in the state of Illinois. For profit, you can cut hair, perform hairstyling, perform all phases of manicuring, apply make-up, and give skin care. The course is 1500 clock hours. It can be complete not less than eight months of full time. It’s a combination of theoretical and practical instruction. Under the supervision of licensed instructors, you are able to develop and practice the cosmetology skills you have learned. You have to go to school first before you go and try to do hair because if you don’t then it is illegal.
Cosmetology Information. (2005). Retrieved Feb. 2013, 2013, from Cosmetology Information: www.Cosmetology
You have a lot of career opportunities when it comes to cosmetology. It consists of hair maintenance and design. You have to deal with shampooing, cutting, styling, and chemical treatments. Esthetic experts deal with skin related care such as facials, make-up application, electrolysis, and waxing. You will be dealing with a lot of different things. You can go to school for a lot of different things as well. They also handle manicures, pedicures, and even massage treatments. When in school, you will be guided on how to obtain your cosmetology license. Without a cosmetology license you will not be able to do these things. All You have to get your license in order to go into this field and be hands on with different clients. 50 states require you to be licensed. In order to obtain your cosmetology license, you will be required to take a state board licensing exam. Some states require an oral exam as well.
Cosmetology School in Illinois. (2000-2013). Retrieved Feb. 11, 2013, from Alvarieta 's College of Cosmetology Inc.:
There are courses to get you out of the classroom and to get you use to working. You will be working on mannequins and real patrons. Alvarieta 's college of cosmetology students get a lot of experience working in a clinical capacity. When going to school here you get a lot of hands on experience. You will have all the skills you need to succeed. They have three locations that you can go to that have this type of school in Illinois. You can work as a hairstylist, make-up artist, or massage therapist. There are different things you can do in this field besides just doing hair. You can go to school here full time for 12 months or evenings for 18 months. Those who qualify get loans and grants. You get your license by state and classes start every eight weeks or so. Also males and females are accepted to go to this school at any given time. If you want to go into this field you will get to learn everything you need to know.
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