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Annotated Bibliography for Freedom Of Speech

This Bibliography is the result of library research and internet research for current

news and books on freedom of speech, particularly activity in America. I chose this topic

because I think this is an important issue that not many people know and are allowed to

know, also because its this involves everyone in America.

The following readings include the bibliographic entries, and a brief summary of

each reading, and my opinion of why the researcher would be interested in each reading.

Alexander, Mathew. “Snowden’s diplomatic leaks may hurt whistleblower

status.” MNSBC. 01. June. 2013. Web. 10. Sep. 2013.

What this article was talking about is how Snowden leak to german magaizines

revelaed that the U.S has been spying on its European allies, but pretty much aren’t

saying that snowden put America at risk he just pretty much confirmed what Europeans

thought of us all along as U.S spies.

This article gives a short and sweet to the point example of what us Americans

and all of our other allies don’t know about what our government is really doing, and

Snowden was basically telling us what our government is doing behind our backs. This is

important to my topic because we as Americans should know about this and Snowden has

the right to let us know because it involves all of America citizens and allies.

Corey, Shana and Chsesley McLaren. “You Forgot Your Skirt Amelia

Blooomer!” 2000.Scholatic Press.Print

In the book it talks about a young woman named Amelia Bloomer she thought it

was silly to be a proper lady, she thought proper ladies had the right to vote had the right

to do what they please and she went against that she worked and she striked for womens

right to vote she also broke the fashion barrio of women wearing skirts she wore pants

and from that day on the trend kept on going the style may have changed, but ger legend

keeps on going.

This book is also a great example of what Freedom of speech is really like,

because Amelia Bloomer is speaking up letting women have a voice that we should have

been having a long time ago, but didn’t and she breaks those barriers for us.

Ellsberg, Daniel. “This Shameful abuse of Bradley Manning.” The Guardian. 11.

Mar. 2011. Web. 10. Sep. 2013.

Here in this article President Obama asked the Pentagon

if the conditions of confinement of Bradley Manning are apporiate, but if President

Obama doesn’t really know the actual conditions of Mannings detention. Then President

Obama is being lied to and needs to get a grip on his administration.

This article also informs us of how our own president doesn’t even know about

the condtions of Mannings punishment clearly this a nation that lacks the meaning of

freedom, especially freedom of speech.

Ellsberg, Daniel. “Edward Snowden: Saving us from the United States of

America.” The Guardian. 10.June.2013. Web. 10. Sep.2013.

In this article, it pretty much tells us why Edward Snoweden did what he did he

putting his life on the line to inspire us and inform us that our privacy isn’t respected.

This article informs us of how the NSA, FBI, and CIA are watching us without us

even knowing it, and how our privacy doesn’t contribute to our security not only does it

put us in danger but it puts the liberaties we’re trying to protect in danger. This is

something everyone deserves to know.

Farley, Robert.”Intellegence Sharing in the Whistleblower Era.” The

Diplomat.26. June.2013.Web.10.Sep.2013.

In this article they discuss about Edward Snoweden and Bradley Manning and

how Snowdens revelations challenges critical components of the U.S national security


This article is also important to my topic, because after 9/11 the government are

concerned about leakers, that they will...

Bibliography: Mar. 2011. Web. 10. Sep. 2013.
Here in this article President Obama asked the Pentagon
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