Annotated Bib: The Right To Own A Gun

Topics: Firearm, Gun politics in the United States, United Nations Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Annotated Bibliography

Savannah Frace
Kemberly Rucker

1. Antonin Scalia and the Reporter of Decisions. (2005). The Right to Own a Gun Is Guaranteed by the Constitution. In K. Doyle (Ed.), At Issue. Is Gun Ownership a Right?. San Diego: Greenhaven Press. (Reprinted from Syllabus, and Opinion of the Court, in Supreme Court of the United States, District of Columbia ET AL. v. Heller, pp. 1-64, 2008) Retrieved from

This source will introduce me to the Second Amendment and what exactly it says and means. Also, it will explain what the rights are for people about owning guns or carrying guns.

2. Wright, S. E. (2012). Gun Control Laws Will Not Save Lives. In C. Watkins (Ed.), At Issue. Guns and Crime. Detroit: Greenhaven Press. (Reprinted from Anti-Gun Group Common Sense Gun Laws and Real Common Sense,, 2010) Retrieved from

This source is going to explain that hand guns purchases should be limited and the reason why they should. It is also going to explain concealed gun should be allowed and there should be a stop to shooting accidents. Also, anti-gun groups should get their facts straight before they try to ban guns and...
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