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Running headER: the importance of physical education at an early age 1 The Importance of Physical Education at an Early Age
Corey Rudolph

University of Memphis

Miehm, G. (2013). Get everyday exercise. Boys' Life, 103, 51. In this article of Boys’ Life, the writer, Grant Miehm, explains the importance of having a workout routine, and even lists some other ideas that do not include being outside or in a gym, just in case it is raining, or lest one did not have a gym membership; of course, the child must have had consent from his or her parent, or responsible care-taker. Miehm continues on to explain the importance of having a consistent workout routine, as well as, giving the reader different exercises to promote good cardiovascular health; not only for psychological wellness, but for physical health too.

I have definitely found it true in that working out and exercising helps improve a sense of well-being, as well as, helping improve one’s self-esteem. This article shows that if we help young children develop skills and knowledge on the importance of staying active, and incorporating it at a young age, that we may help improve the happiness and health of these kids for their future lives.

Williams, M. H. (2010). Nutrition for health, fitness & sport (9th ed.). Boston, MA.: McGraw-Hill. In this book, the author, Melvin Williams, explains the importance of physical fitness and endurance in sports; he provides very good information on how significant of a role that physical fitness is in not only one’s self image, but also how important it is in sports, and in being a successful athlete. Not only does this book show the significance of exercising in living a healthy lifestyle, but it even gives the reader information on the good and bad types of food that contain protein and carbohydrates; also, the author shows the alternatives for foods that are high in fat. Foods high in complex carbohydrates are great to consume about an hour or two before the game, and branch chain amino acids The basic concepts and teachings of this book could be very motivating to any young athlete because of the different games and facts that it gives on how to properly get into good cardiovascular shape. Although this was very informational and educational, I did find the readings to be very understandable. It would take some time for a younger kid to understand, but it would be very beneficial for a kid to study this book in school for his or her physical education class.

Jefferies, S. C. (2006). The new physical education [Documentary]. United States: Central Washington University/P.E. Links 4U Production. The new physical education was very informational on having a sense of good well-being, having a healthy diet, and maintaining a steady exercise program for children. Not only did this article explain the importance of exercise, diet, and well-being, but it also showed and explained the new techniques of active stretching, and the benefits one may receive over static stretching. Also in this article, the reader learned that bouncing the muscle while stretching is actually bad for the muscle, and that the best way to stretch is to slowly stretch out the muscle while inhaling an adequate amount of oxygen. Also, breathing exercises help your heart rate, as well as, take more oxygen to the muscles.

Morgan, M. (2007). Physical education on a shoestring. Practical Homeschooling 10 (78). This article is very interesting in the fact that it talks about how team sports aren’t necessarily the best thing for a kid “in the toddler years.” It makes sense because the writer states that swimming, taking karate, walking, riding on a “trike,” and even a simple task, such as skipping, can offer great motor skill training for young children. Being on a team sport as children get older can be very beneficial when it comes to teamwork, but at a young...

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