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Topics: Human rights, Corporate social responsibility, Scientific method Pages: 7 (1798 words) Published: October 29, 2014
Engobo Emeseh Ondotimi Songi , (2014),"CSR, human rights abuse and sustainability report accountability", International Journal of Law and Management, Vol. 56 Iss 2 pp. 136 - 151 Introduction
In the context of environment and human rights the studies revealed that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has not made ample efforts up to know in Africa. So there would be a lot of efforts to be done in this case. The objective of this research is to enhance the competency of Corporate Social Responsibility by mounting organizations answerable to work for the public aspects. Aims/Research Methodology

In this research paper the theories and information are gathered from the established framework used by stakeholders. This research paper further elaborates the opinion that how to make these theories useful. So the strength of the corporate Social Responsibility would be enhanced by rectify deceptive arguments. Scope, Analysis finding and results

Now days to become competitive are not the big issue to become competitive and sustainable in the market is the main point. To gain sustainability in all aspects it is the die need that company should sure about the correct reports and framework. Hence in this study correct reports will lead towards correct framework which would be established to make companies efficient by avoiding false and ambiguous statement. Usefulness

The study helps to understand the human rights issues specially caused in developing by different corporations. The literature of the study also useful to identify the concept of sustainability of information. Once the report is sustainable then it would be easier to develop such framework that would make organization accountable and transparent about human rights problems. Limitation

Africa is known as least developed continent in the world. Mostly, in African countries the political governments are weak and corporations are strong so it is near to possible to make strong corporations accountable regarding human rights issue. In the other context civil societies in African Countries has not such potential to built pressure on strong corporations to work ethically in the African region. Hence it is difficult yet different state and private institutions can make them accountable through the projected models and little will power. Challenges and critique

The main problem in this paper is to handle both managerial and legal theories side by side. This paper followed pragmatic approach which is opposite in nature with legal approach for Corporate Social Responsibility. Conclusion

It is concluded in the research paper that sustainability of report can make efficient framework which would reduced deficiencies. Such sustainable reports can be adopted to make organization accountable in African countries. This study also enhances the corporate social responsibility strength to empower the companies to work under the umbrella of corporate social responsibility framework. Lastly, this study focused and recommended four frameworks that would make accountability possible. Reflection

This study revealed and argued that the four research framework can enhance the corporate social responsibility so that would make companies accountable in every aspect.

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Rojanasak Chomvilailuk Ken Butcher, (2013),"The effect of CSR knowledge on customer liking, across cultures", International Journal of Bank Marketing, Vol. 31 Iss 2 pp. 98 – 114

CSR has become hot topic for researcher. In this era or intense competition organizations have to reconceptulize the strategy formulation for gaining the competitive advantage, CSR is becoming one of the sources of CA.CSR refers to the concept that organizations should put a focus on the betterment of society they should not just focus on the financial self interest of the organizations. This research focus to deal with a gap in our understanding of the...
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