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Annie Warburton Goodrich: An American Pioneer
Brittanie Tolbert
Bellarmine University
NURS 110
July 28,2013Annie Warburton Goodrich known as Yale’s first female dean and “mother of nursing education” was born February 6, 1866 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. She was second of seven children. Her well-to-do father was a insurance executive and her mother was the daughter of a pioneer in progressive psychiatry who founded Hartford Retreat, an institution for the treatment of mentally ill, Dr. John S. Butler (Green,Sicherman.1980). At the age twelve she attended private school in Connecticut, later in London and Paris , paid for by the governesses. After, completing her education, Goodrich entered into the social life of Hartford, Connecticut where her family had settled in her late teens. Goodrich father fortune began to cumble due to this illness, she had to come up with a plan to support herself. Some minor practical experiences sparked her interest in nursing. Granted permission from her parents she enrolled in New York Hospital Training School for Nursing in 1890(Green, Sicherman.1980). Shortly, after receiving a diploma titled “trained nurse”, she began doing routine unskilled chores. The limited curriculum offered by her overworked nursing supervisors conflicted between educational goals and the demand for patient care disturbed her (Green, Sicherman.1980). She then began to think that nursing education had to change.

In 1900 Goodrich became the superintendent of nurses at St. Luke’s Hospital in New York. She fought to promote better educational environments for nurses and to establish a modern system for the delivery of patient care. Her concept of assigning a nurse to a specific functional duty performed for all patients on a ward CITATION Gur88 \l 1033 (Gurney, 1988). This concept described an early introduction to primary-care nursing. In 1907 to 1910, she constantly strived to raise educational requirements for enrollment...

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