Annie Dillard ' Living Like Weasels" Summary and Response

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Living like Weasels

In the essay “Living like Weasels”, the author Annie Dillard wrote about her first encounter after she saw a real wild weasel for the first time in her life. The story began when she went to Hollins Pond which is a remarkable place of shallowness where she likes to go at sunset and sit on a tree trunk. Dillard traced the motorcycle path in all gratitude through the wild rose up in to high grassy fields and while she was looking down, a weasel caught her eyes attention; he was looking up at her too. The weasel was ten inches long, thin as a curve, a muscled ribbon, brown as fruitwood, soft-furred, and alert. His face was fierce, small, pointed as Lizard’s, and with two black eyes. They exchanged the glances as two lovers or deadly enemies. Dillard described the moment of seeing the weasel as “a sudden beating of brains, with all the charge and intimate grate of rubbed balloons”. But while all these ideas and thoughts were in Dillard’s mind, the weasel disappeared and Dillard felt like she was having a dream. But after one week she realized that she was not dreaming and she tried to memorize what she saw. She felt like she was in that weasel’s brain for sixty seconds and he was in her mind too. Dillard thought about the weasel’s behavior and the fact that weasels live in necessity and we live by choice, she felt that it would be interesting if she could live as weasels do and she missed her chance. She blamed herself “I should have gone for the throat. I should have lunged for the streak of white under the weasels chin and held on.” Finally, Dillard believed it would be well, proper, and obedient to grasp with your one necessity wherever it takes you as the weasels do.

Annie Dillard used such an attention-grabbing way to attract the reader’s attention. Dillard began her essay “Living like weasels” by asking a question to raise the curiosity of the audience to read her article “A weasel wild .who knows what he thinks?” Then,

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