Annexation of Texas - the Lone Star State

Topics: United States, Texas, Mexico Pages: 3 (1108 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Texas “The Lone Star State” went through a lot before it became the gun-slinging, cowboy riding state that we know it to be today. In the 19th century Texas went through events that would inevitably lead to its annexation to The Union. Texas declaring itself independent from Mexico would cause conflict between the formerly united lands. The annexation of Texas would cause conflict between the North and the South. The North did not want Texas to be annexed in fears that this would bring a new slave state into the Union. The annexation was widely debated throughout the government and took multiple presidential terms before the decision was made.

In 1821 Mexico gained its independence from Spain. The Mexicans invited American settlers in 1822 to Texas in hopes that they would help to develop the new land. “In order to gain title to their free land and qualify for Mexican tax breaks, the settlers had to agree to speak Spanish, convert to Catholicism, and adhere to Mexican laws—which included the abolition of slavery” (A New Land 190). The American settlers did not abide to the rules set by the Spanish government. The kept their own language and their religion and they did not abolish slavery. The settlers needed the slaves to plant their cotton. By 1830 the settlers quadrupled the number of Mexicans living in Texas. Mexico began to get worried. More settlers were coming than what the Mexican government expected so they tried to stop the migration of settlers to Mexico. Mexico struggled with enforcing the stop of migration so they abolished slavery and enhanced their military presence in Texas (A New Land 190). The military presence in Texas enraged the settlers and they began to rebel against the Mexicans and their new laws. The Texans now started to think about breaking free of Mexico and becoming independent.

In 1836 Mexico had a new dictator, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, who marched 6000 Mexican soldiers into San Antonio, Texas where Texans were taking...
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