Anne Frank Ethnography

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Didgeridoo, Australia Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Anne Frank was a woman of many words; she spread her words when her diary was published in 1947. The Anne Frank project wants to spread a message of tolerance to college students it travels to. The Anne Frank seminars have taught me a bit about many things. I learned about nurturing ideas and the world winds along with other ancient aero phones. Through learning about these things I can see how so many people today make mistakes and how people back in the day made music.

Attending the nurturing ideas session at buffalo state college I was able to learn how to make people feel better about them. So many people today judge you by what you do or how differently you do something compared to them. If someone doesn’t like what you do they often put you down in a bad way and make you feel bad about yourself. Change big or small is driven by ideas. Ideas have the ability to transform and transcend. For something so powerful, ideas are like the first spark in a fire, they need to be nurtured, given a chance to catch before they have the power to burn bright and strong. As present and future leaders in our communities, it is imperative that when we embrace responsibility as agents of change we should have the skill to facilitate an equitable exchange of ideas. When someone has an idea you need to see their idea the way they are seeing it, don’t put them down for coming up with this idea. People need to understand where other people are coming from and put themselves in the other person’s shoes. When I was attending this session we had to write a bunch of ideas down on paper. The ideas had to be something we would like to see happen at Buffalo State College. Many people had wonderful ideas while others were crazy and you though how did they possibly come up with this? The whole point of this exercise was to practice giving out good feedback. We had to pick five of the best ideas we had written down on our poster board and read them to the class. After picking the ideas we...
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