Anne Frank and Elie Weisel

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Horror, pain, suffering, confusion, these are just a few words to describe what Jews went through during the holocaust. Anne Frank and Elie Weisel were only young, yet have been through more agony and hardship than anyone could ever imagine. The two of them wrote about their horrific experiences of the holocaust and their stories have been shared with the world. Their stories are very similar yet different in their own ways.

Anne and Elie are both very known for their experiences during the holocaust. During the holocaust, the two of them were only teenagers. Both of their families had been captured and sent to concentration camps. In the camps, they both lost most of their family quickly; however, each of them had a family member they relied on as a reason to not give up. Elie stayed with his father and Anne had her sister, Margo. Eventually Mr. Weisel and Margo become very sick thanks to the poor treatment they get in the camps. Elie and Anne do everything in their power to help them while they are sick. Unfortunately, there is not much Anne and Elie can do, and both die while in the camps.

At the beginning, Elie wants to study mysticism and is extremely religious. However, while in the camps, he loses all faith in god. Anne isn’t as religious, although she never loses her faith. Both of them wrote about the experiences; however Anne writes hers as it is happening. She writes in a diary about all she is going through and stops two days before she is captured. Elie writes his book “Night” after going through all the torture and pain. Anne’s family had gone into hiding for two years before they were captured. Elie and his family on the other hand, never hid. Because of this, they were not labeled as criminals like Anne and her family.
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