Anne Frank Addressing High School Graduates

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Good morning now, former students of High School. I’m Anne Frank and let me just say CONGRADULATIONS! Thank you for having me come speak to you today. You are all so very lucky to be able to have finished grade school unlike my sister, Margot and me. High school might not have been your favorite thing but it was a wonderful experience for you all. I had to stop going to school at the young age of 11, it was my fifth grade year. I didn’t have many of the opportunities you had, but luckily I did get the chance to fall in love with… Peter van Pels. Many of you when you finish college will get married, find jobs, and start a family. All of you sitting in front of me have the chance to do something absolutely spectacular with you lives so, JUST DO IT! Even though school was taken from me I had a passion for writing. While living in the annex with 7 other people it got hard. I felt like I was all alone but one of the things that got me through it was, doing something I enjoyed. For some of you college might not be you first choice, Try taking classes you enjoy the topic of to get through it much easier just like I did with my journal. Before I got into the annex I was harassed because of my religion but I didn’t change who I was because of the words and actions that people said or did to me. When many of you are searching for jobs you ideas will be put down, but remember to NEVER compromise for something you believe in. When I was sent to live in concentration camps I realized that aren’t the things that bring you happiness in life. I had to learn to live without basic necessities such as food and water. Some of you later on in your life will worried about money. Let me assure you, you my friends can live with out nice clothing, the best shoes, and technology. The main thing you need to know is that material things aren’t what bring you happiness it’s your family and friends. In my life I have been stuck in an annex with 7 other people, listen to terrible things about...
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