Anne Frank

Topics: Anne Frank, Miep Gies, Otto Frank Pages: 5 (1402 words) Published: September 29, 2014
Peyton Pierce
A True Hero

She was born on the eve of dramatic changes in German society. A time when Germany’s economy was at their worst. A time where Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party was rising to power. Otto and Edith Frank welcomed Annelies Marie Frank to their lives on June 12, 1929 on the quiet outskirts of Frankfurt, Germany. Little did they know, their happiness wasn’t going to last for much longer. Later on in 1932, Otto Frank says he recalls,” Groups of Storm Troopers came marching by, singing, 'when Jewish blood splatters from the knife.’” Hitler became chancellor of Germany on January 20, 1933, right then, the Franks knew they had to escape to a different country. All of the Frank’s except Annelies moved to the Netherlands in the fall of ’33. Anne stayed back with her grandmother in Germany until February of the next year. She quickly became an outstanding, popular student at Amsterdam's Sixth Montessori School in 1934 when she met up with her family in the Netherlands. She was a happy-go-lucky kid at that time. But all of that changed when Germany invaded Poland in 1939, this action started what is now known as World War II. The Dutch surrendered to the Nazi’s on May 15, 1940. This marks the beginning of the Nazi Occupation in the Netherlands. According to, “Between the summer of 1942 and September 1944, the Nazis and their Dutch collaborators deported more than 100,000 Jews in Holland to extermination camps.” Anne wrote a couple weeks after this date saying,” After May 1940, the good times were few and far between; first there was the war, then the capitulation and then the arrival of the Germans, which is when the trouble started for the Jews." October of the same year, Jews were then ordered to wear yellow stars on all of their clothes, had curfews, and were forbidden to own a business, also Anne and her sister, Margot, had to transfer to a segregated Jewish school. Anne was heartbroken by this because she loved her school and all her friends. She wanted to stay at her school but she knew she had to do what she was told. In 1942, it was Anne’s 13th birthday. Her parents couldn’t afford much, given their circumstances, so they got her a red checkered diary. The first entry stated,” I hope I will be able to confide everything to you, as I have never been able to confide in anyone, and I hope you will be a great source of comfort and support." This was said to an imaginary friend of Anne’s named Kitty. This just says that she was having a hard time with everything in itself. Anne wrote about the accounts of both the tensions and difficulties of living in such a confined space for that long of time as well as Anne's struggles with becoming a teenager. Anne writing about her struggles as a teenager has gotten her diary removed from quite a few schools across the country. A few weeks later, Margot received a notice to report to a work camp in Germany. The family immediately wanted to go into hiding. Many final arrangements needed to be made and a few supplies and clothes needed to be taken to the Secret Annex, which was the back attic of Otto’s company building, ahead of their arrival. At 5:30 a.m. on July 6, 1942, Anne Frank awoke for the last time in her own bed at their apartment. The Frank family dressed in many layers because they didn’t want to cause suspicion on the streets by carrying suitcases. According to Anne, they left food on the counter, stripped the beds, and left a note giving instructions about who would take care of their cat. Anne had been told that there was a hiding place but not its location until the day of the actual move. A week after hiding, a couple of Otto’s workers, who were also Jewish, accompanied them in hiding. Jan and Miep Gies, who are most famous for helping the Frank’s, brought them food and provided them with information about what was going on with Hitler and his party. In an effort to avoid detection, the family left a false trail suggesting they’d fled to...
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