Annatto seeds extract as white board ink

Topics: Ethanol, Statistical significance, Plant Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Chapter I The study and its background Introduction
Writing is the first key to understand and to communicate from one person to another in the time when the cellphone is not invented yet. This practice exercises the human mind and make it more intelligent. Because of the power of writing the people of the Philippines getting wiser. Because it can help the people of the Philippines to understand the other language. Usually this time, ink is very useful in communication. In this time ink is now also used in whiteboard. The researchers invented a whiteboard ink out of Annatto seed extract. This plant is not really used and not really being noticed by people. So the researchers decided to make an whiteboard ink out of Annatto seeds extract. Because the researchers discover that the Annatto seeds extract can produce color. Statement of the problem

This study attempted to establish the potential use of Annatto seed for the production of Whiteboard Ink. The following are the statement of the problem, which where be the bases in the flow of the study. 1.Is there any significant effect of the whiteboard ink out of Annatto seed extract? 2.Is there any significant difference in the different amount of Annatto seed and ethyl alcohol and its quality ? Objective of the study

To determine the significant effect of using Annatto seeds extract as whiteboard ink. To determine the difference between the different concentration of Ethyl alcohol and Annatto seed extract. Hypotheses

There is no significance of whiteboard ink out of Annatto seed extract. There is no significance in the whiteboard ink made from Annatto seeds extract in its study.
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