Annalysis of ICT and Value Chain of Video shop

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Information and technology sweeps through our economy and no company can escapes from its effects. Information technology is a critical resource for today’s businesses. Information system help simplify organizational activities and processes such as moving goods, stocking shelves or communicating with suppliers. In this report we have discussed the strategic use of information system for industry analysis (external environment) of Video shops, strategic implication of ICTs, identification of key activities through value chain and identify how ICTs Support these activities. This report is all about checking the weak linkages. It also shows how we can transform our negative forces to positive and improve our value chain linkages. It also explains the importance of ICT’s and how they can help in transforming business from loss to profit by applying certain technology. In this report you also find the importance of value chain and its primary and secondary activities how it is important to have a good co-ordination between the two and within these activities. The video shop industry in New Zealand is not doing so good as there are several other substitutes available and people are preferring those substitutes. So after this the industry can apply this technology to compete with them and can leave a good affect on the people using it.

Table of Contents 1)Introduction --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 2)Discussion ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5 a.Porter Five Forces----------------------------------------------------------- 5 b.ICT’s to convert Negative to positive----------------------------------- 9 c.Value Chain ------------------------------------------------------------------ 12 d.ICT’s for value chain ------------------------------------------------------- 17 e.Linkages ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 19 3)Conclusion----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22 4)References----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23

INTRODUCTION This report entails the insight in to the various competitive forces for Video Shops on the basis Of Porter’s five forces Model. This report tells that how the negative forces can be changed in to Positive forces in order to improve the Video Shop’s business through the use of ICTs and how can we successfully use ICT for best advantage. Here we assess value-chain and identify the ICTs. That supports the internal processes and improves the performance through incremental changes. The video shop industry in New Zealand is well settled and we can see many shops in high end streets and shopping malls but they all need to compete with several substitutes that are available in the market. They need to put in place some technology to attract more and more customers and to survive in the competitive environment also they need to work upon their value chain and improve their linkages to work efficiently and give desired outputs. By applying the following ICT’s this industry can once again boom and can come into competitive environment.

Porter Five Forces
(Stratergy keys, 2013)
Any firm faces many elements that influence its competitive environment. Considering a single element can bring fatal results for the firm .Porter five force model helps the firm to align Information System strategy with the business Strategy. With the help of five force model Information resources should be directed strategically to alter the...

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