Annabel Lee.

Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, Poetry, Love Pages: 3 (1019 words) Published: December 13, 2010
Artistic Conception of “Annabel Lee”
The tears generating and heartfelt poem, “Annabel Lee,” displays Edgar Allan Poe at his best. Unintentionally capturing the reader with the intenseness of love and bitterness of death, he composed such a poem for personal reasons. “And this maiden she lived with no other thought than to love and be loved by me” (Poe). His play with words and underlying meanings are uncovered by an audience with a thorough understanding of literary aspects. After deep analysis of Edgar Allan Poe’s “Annabel Lee”, the reader expands their knowledge and understanding of various literary elements present in the poem, such as symbols, themes, atmosphere and meter.

Symbols are key parts of this poem; many have been used and give the tale a dramatic feel and tone. One symbol in “Annabel Lee” is love. “In ‘Annabel Lee,” the poet celebrates this Uranian love: ‘we loved with a love that was more than love.’ Poe repeats the word ‘love’ three times, as if to demonstrate the inadequacy of that human word for condition that is divine” (Johnson). Such heavenly love is out of this world, hence the term used, “Uranian”. In divine love, there are no expectations and the love is unconditional. Poe says that his love for Annabel is very strong, stronger than those who were “older” and “wiser”. The poet believes that his love is the ultimate. Some critics connect this intenseness to the divine love of God (LitFinder).

The second symbol of significant value is the child. This symbol relates to the aforementioned, love. The poet refers to himself and his lover as a “child” to describe the pure and innocent bond of the couple (Empric). This term can be viewed as a metaphor. Their love is eternal, thus making them children forever. Also, one can perceive that the poet has remained a child due to the fact that he is unable to accept that dear one is dead. Children cannot keep track of time, and so the poet does not understand that he is living and dwelling in...
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