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Annabel Lee

By kaixintai Apr 25, 2014 321 Words

“Annabel Lee” Thinking questions

Directions: Answer all questions on a separate sheet of paper.

Poe wrote on an imaginative and literal level. In this poem, scholars believe that he took the unfortunate, premature death of his wife and translated this real-life experience into a creative poem. In reality, Poe’s wife, Virginia, had died from a four year battle with tuberculosis, finally succumbing after catching a cold due to drafts from insufficient fuel.

1. What is the theme of “Annabel Lee”? Explain how the following line is an example of the theme of the poem.

“For we loved with a love that was more than love…”

2. Define:
a.       Seraph
b.      Covet
c.       Seplechre
d.      Dissever

3. Poe used a preponderance of ‘s’ sounds.
a. Write four examples of ‘s’ sounds at the beginning of words. b. Write two examples of ‘s’ sounds in the middle of words. c. Write out two examples with ‘s’ sounds at the end.

4. Poetic Terms:
a. Write out one example of a rhyming couplet.
b. Write out two examples of assonance.
c. Write out two examples of alliteration.
d. Write out two examples of internal rhyme.

5. On the creative level (not literal), what did Annabel Lee die of? According to the author, what is the reason for Annabel Lee’s death (NOT the cause)?

6. In the poem, what is the literal cause of her death?

7. Quote the lines which illustrate:
The jealousy of the angels
The permanence of Poe’s love for his wife

8. Why is the following ironic?
“With a love that even the winged seraphs in heaven coveted her and me” 11-12 “The angels, not so happy in heaven, went envying her and me” 21-22

9. What is the real life incident reflected in lines 25-26: “the wind came out of the cloud by night/ Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee”?

10. What is the mood of the poem? Why do you think so?












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