Anna in the Tropics: Questions about the Play

Topics: United States, Immigration to the United States, Immigration Pages: 4 (1344 words) Published: July 1, 2013
The Play
1) What was your overall opinion of the play? Read question two before you begin answering question one. (Include thoughts on structure, character, originality, themes, and overall impact or importance.) I felt as though even giving the fact that the workers were entry level worker, meaning they were not making a ton of money their style would have said other wise. I felt the dress and dialouge of the play was very proper and immitated those of higher education. The use of authentic character names and the playful and powerful emtions lends to the idea that hispanic people are naturally passionate in everything they do. The themes most prominate to me were that of love, servitude and pride in ones work. 2) What was your opinion of the style and type of dialogue used in the play? (What insight did you receive about Cruz's writing style by reading the "Dreamer from Cuba" article?) 3) What do you believe are the major themes or ideas in this play? (Please support your answer with references from the playscript.) 4) What do you think Cruz wanted the audience to take away from this play? Did he succeed? Defend your answer. I think Cruz wanted the audience to take away that love and passion for anything mixed with determination can accomplish anything, and that even in death the spirit of those who have passed stays with us with the help of our memory of them and the action of keeping them in our thoughts while finishing what they may have started. The Characters

5) How were the characters affected by their moving to America from Cuba? How did it change their lives? What pressures did they feel when becoming Americans? What struggles might they encounter as immigrants? (Pick one or two characters as the focus of your answer.) The characters overall were slightly affected by their move to American in the sense that the way of life was much different than that of what they were used to in Cuba. Ofelia for example, as the wife of the factory owner knows that...
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