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Topics: United States, Vietnam War, Franklin D. Roosevelt Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: July 20, 2011
· Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper addressing the following points: o Describe the connection between student unrest and the Vietnam War, noting how each affected the other.
o Explain the political and social outcomes of the end of the Vietnam War. o Use at least two resources to support your response: one related to the connection of student unrest and the war, and another related to the political and social outcomes of the war.

· Format your paper and resources according to APA guidelines. · Post your assignment as an attachment
There was a Selective Training and Service Act signed into action by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1940 and formed the countries very first peace time draft. The enactment of this draft would lead to unrest throughout the United States of America with the beginning of the Vietnam War and as the War became worse, so did the movement for peace. Throughout the duration of the Vietnam War, every male was required to register for the draft upon the arrival of their eighteenth birthday unless they were attending college. As the war became worse and the casualties began to increase, the number of soldiers needed had also increased, along with the students desire not to be a part of the war. There was concern due to the use of chemical weapons like Agent Orange and Napalm that would turn out to be against International law. Groups like the Students for a Democratic Society began to evolve in the early 1960’s emphasizing the need to stop the senseless war that was killing so many and threatened to kill so many more. There was no belief in the war and people did not want to go and die for something that they did not believe in. Protests grew as did the war and students continued to put a stop to the unnecessary violence that eventually spilled over to a protest at Kent State in 1970.

1963 and 1973, 9,118 men were prosecuted for refusing to be drafted into the army.

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