Ann Fudge Leaves Early

Topics: Leadership, Management, Emotional intelligence Pages: 4 (1394 words) Published: February 1, 2010
Ann Fudge Leaves Early Retirement to Take over the Reigns of Young & Rubicam Brands

1. How many of the five sources of power that leaders draw on is Ann Fudge using? Explain.

The five sources of power are; (1) the legitimate power that results from one’s position; (2) reward power resulting from a managers ability to reward; (3) a coercive power which managers have because they can punish workers; (4) an expert power because of one’s experience or knowledge; and (5) the referent power derived from personal attraction. (Kinicki/Williams, 2006)

The answer is, all. Our case study does not contain every instance of Ms Fudges use of power but one can easily glean that she would need to use any and all of them as she attempts to gather a constituency behind her. Some telling insights include; “she has been welcomed with as much skepticism as enthusiasm. Fudge was an unconventional choice as chief executive…Fudge’s leadership could result in dramatic improvements...”; “The new CEO acknowledges that it’ll take time to create good will”; “from her open cubicle she has focused on meeting with customers and encouraging her employees to unite in giving them better service.”; “Fudge may have not won the hearts and minds of all her staffers, but at least some clients are in synch.” (Kinicki/Williams, 2006) The quotes point to Ms Fudge’s legitimate, expert, and referent power, then her reward and coercive powers. The study goes on to tell us that Ann Fudge is a black American woman operating in a white male dominated world. I believe this may have given her the power of intimidation which she could use as an influential tactic.

2. Which of eight influence tactics have been used by Fudge?

Fudge did not begin her tenure by using rational persuasion (reason, logic) and inspiration (emotions). It seems she preferred to go against the grain. “Fudge’s vision…really put her at odds with her colleagues” (Kinicki/Williams, 2006). The company had just gone through a...

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