Anita Desai

Topics: Marriage, India, Wife Pages: 3 (800 words) Published: December 12, 2012
International Indexed &Referred Research Journal, May, 2012. ISSN- 0975-3486, RNI-RAJBIL 2009/30097;VoL.III *ISSUE-32 RESEARCH ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION
Among the post- independence Indo- English writers
Anita Desai holds a prominent place because of the
immense popularity she commands as a novelist of
human predicament of anxiety, frustration and loneliness in the insensitive and inconsiderate contemporary world. This paper aims at tracing the theme of alienation in the novels of Anita Desai. Alienation

refers to estrangement that occurs in the relation between an individual and that to which he or she is relating to. It is a feeling of not belonging.
This feeling can be physical, mental, religious, spiritual, political or economical. At one time or the other each one of us has experienced alienation
in one form or other whether in school, college, among
our family members, in religion, in politics or in society
.This aloneness alone for them is the treasure worth
treasuring. This kind of situation more or less prevails in Desai's first novel Cry, the Peacock. Cry the Peacock, published in 1963 can be considered as a
trendsetting novel as it deals with the mental rather
than the physical aspects of its character.
It also deals with the total alienation of Maya
from her husband, Gautama and from her surroundings and even from herself. Both husband and wife had different attitude towards life. She wants to be
attached to the world and its abounding charms, while
Gautama wants to remain aloof and detached so as to
attain 'peace of mind' This attitude alienates them
from each other.
This incompatibility of nature causes deep
alienation in the mind of the protagonist, Maya and
she becomes intensely abnormal. K.R. Srinivasa
Iyengar writes:
* Her intensity-whether she is sane ,hysterical or
insane-fills the whole book and gives it form as well
as life".
Maya was born in an old orthodox family,
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